Transgender Dating Tips From a Trans Woman

If you are dating a trans woman, you should know that there are many things both you can do and you had better not. As a trans woman, I can reach their inner world. I know what they want and what they dislike. During the past several years, I developed a transgender dating relationship with a cisgender man. But unfortunately, we broke up at last. I will list the reasons why I decided to end this kinky dating relationship. The following are the mistakes he had made before.

  • Avoid using the word “tranny”

The word tranny is always associated with pornography. Using the term gives your ts date a feeling that you are superior over her and you regard her as an object that you can play with. Mutual respect is the basis of a healthy relationship. Thus, this degrading term should be deleted in your dictionary.

  • Take the initiative to search for information

Usually, cisgender people have little knowledge of transgender people, except that they have a sex-change surgery. Then, when they date their transgender dating partners, they will pose these simple and silly questions that they can find the answers on the Internet. She is your date, not your teacher. She is about to enjoy the date with you, instead of teaching this knowledge. Hearing these questions, your date may assume that you are curious about meet trans, rather than be interested in her. Therefore, you are supposed to collect the basic information on meet trans which is the premise that you can make a deep conversation with your ts dating.

  • Don’t attempt to hide your date

For many cisgender men, they want to use transgender women to meet their sexual desires, but are unwilling to be with her in public. How absurd it is! Are these men treating meet trans women as idiots with developed breasts, big buttocks and simple brains? As long as your date recognizes your real and ugly version, she will not hesitate to leave you. Thus, if you sincerely want to develop a long-term transgender dating relationship, you need to be genuine to your date. And appearing with her in public is the indispensable thing you need to do.

  • Get rid of stereotypes

As you know, the stereotype is not a good thing and it will lead people to hold misunderstanding to others. Just like not all black people are rappers at birth and not all white people are nobles, trans people are not weirdos. Sometimes, you are not aware of the stereotypes you hold upon trans people. And if you don’t steer clear of it, your prejudice will hurt your date and cause you to lose many precious opportunities to find an ideal ts dating partner. Instead of being driven by what you assume, you should believe in what you see and experience. Don’t attempt to define somebody casually. The negative influence you exert on your date due to your ignorance cannot be made up for by simple apology.