Several Ways for Transgender People to Pass Like Women

For many American shemales, transitioning is a very painful period of time. It seems like to wait for an approval for identity. Being passable is like the first thing to do if you want to be in a trans dating relationship. These days, transgender dating is becoming popular, many transgender people and transgender admires loved transgender dating, which is also the reason why so many transgender women want to become passable. There are some tips I used to become passable as a shemale for years.

During this period of time, I learned a lot of knowledge about hormone replacement therapy. Although you are still in the early stages of transitioning, but you can learn some knowledge about hormone replacement therapy beforehand, which will be very good to you. My suggestion is online searching. Learn what to do and what not to do during transitioning. It will be very helpful.

I start to grow my hair. Hair is a very good symbol of femininity. You can feel the importance of hair if you are in a ts dating relationship. I know that many transgender women can wear wig to achieve that. But having the real long hair can really boost your confidence of being a woman. It will definitely make your feel better and can also help your gender dysphoria. If you are lucky enough to have your own long hair, please take some time to take care of it. You can use some nourish care to maintain your hair and scalp to help it grow. Having a long and smooth hair can also be an unforgettable and favorable merit of you. I mainly use olive oil and jojoba oil to help to grow my hair. The result can be very reassuring. You can buy these from Amazon or together online shopping platform. I strongly suggest these.

Shape your body and exercise. The most important is to take good care of your body and health. Being in a transgender dating will urge you to do so. Dealing with gender dysphoria can be very frustrating. As you know, mood swing can influence your healthy. To live the way you want, the first and the most vital thing it to stay healthy. I forced myself to walk half an hour every day. I used my step counter to monitor until I walked for 12000 steps. In this way, I really felt that I am stronger in body, which give me more power and positive strength.

I kept a balanced diet and start eating healthy food. I never had such habit or subconscious to live and eat healthily before. I barely ate breakfast. I remembered when I was in a trans dating, I ate what I want and sometimes starved for a very long time and then glutted a lot. This is exactly the opposite of healthy and also things you should try to prevent yourself from doing. I was very lucky to come across a nutritionist and talked for a while. She made me realize the significance of healthy diet. I finally know what I should eat and I also started to loose some weight consciously.